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‘Yowie sighting’ in Queensland: Three men share details

Three Queensland men say they couldn’t believe their eyes when they found a mysterious figure in a remote town.

Three men in Queensland have claimed to have encountered a “yowee” on their way home from work.

courier mail Reportedly, three plantation workers were driving to Jimna Base Camp on Saturday, December 4, when they Seen allegedly “lean on the figure” Under a street light. The men said that the figure saw them and turned in their direction.

“We initially thought it was a boar or a really big animal until we got closer and saw it running in a very fascinating way,” Seamus Fitzgerald said via Brisbane publication, “The mysterious figure”. Very long arms”. “Apelike” face.

“I’ve never experienced something so extraordinary or strange before. I barely slept that night and the feeling was so overwhelming that I’d seen something I’d never believed before.”

Workmate Sterling Slocock-Bennett said the group was immediately confused when they crossed paths with an unknown entity.

“We were in complete disbelief at what we were seeing,” he said.

“It was certainly a scary moment for me, as I said I was very confused and moved by what we were seeing, and as we got closer and closer, it didn’t make sense as You would expect.”

Locals in the small town of Jimna (which has a population of just 91 people) have reportedly previously claimed to have seen evidence of the alleged yovi in ​​the bushland.

“We went on some hiking after seeing it, but sadly they weren’t very well organized, too many people and too loud,” Mr Slocock-Bennett said.

“However, after talking to the local people it seems that the yovis have been pushed out in the storm.”

Mr Fitzgerald said he had never before believed in the existence of yovis, but said the experience inspired him to go looking for another sighting.

“I’m very curious to know what other people have seen and experienced,” he said.

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