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When Did Spotify Wrapped Get So Chatty?

“In 2021 you did what you had to do.”

“You always understood the assignment.”

“You deserve a playlist as long as you have a skincare routine.”

No, these words were not said by any TikTok star or cool mom. Instead, they are idioms that appear in the annual data-driven marketing campaign known as Spotify Wrapped.

The feature, which was released on December 1, shows users of the streaming music service the songs and artists they listened to the most throughout the year. Its arrival inspires many screenshots and memes on social media. For example, in 2020, people posted about how disappointing (or .) soothing) were some of his most listened to tracks.

This time around, much of the commentary revolved around the use of Internet slang (“living rent-free in my mind,” “vibe check,” “main character”) and references to popular topics (NFTs, skin care regimen). In a meme, a Twitter user jokingly said personal Finance Using the tone of the Spotify campaign: “Your checking account balance was down .003%. Weird flex but okay!”

Some users even made surprising revelations about their listening habits. (Who knew they were in the top .05 percent of Doja Cat listeners?) Others found something like self-knowledge in the “aura” readings that Spotify generated based on the mood suggested by their musical tastes. (a person on twitter jokingly reported Spotify considered his audio aura to be “fertile and reproducible”.)

After the feature’s release on December 1, the hashtag #SpotifyWrapped trended for a few days, and the memes are endless. In short, Spotify has collected a lot of data and is now taking advantage of,

Kelsey McGarry, 28, who lives in Los Angeles and works as a grant writer and coordinator for the city’s homeless services, spent practically all day paying attention to her Spotify Wrapped. She said the result felt like an accurate reading of who she was.

“My Spotify Wrapped is very gay,” said Ms. McGarry, who said her top performer of the year was Charli XCX. She enjoyed looking back on her year in music, but noted that the language at this year’s Wrapped was sometimes distracting.

“My skin care routine isn’t long either,” said Ms. McGarry. “Like, what are you talking about?”

Comedian and writer Rajat Suresh, 26, was one of the many people online who joked about Spotify leaning into playful language and buzzwords.

“In 2021, you were not cancelled,” wrote Mr. Suresh in a Mam He posted on Twitter. “Goodbye Felicia! You found your foe Ouchi, and it shook the whole world.” Along with the image, he added a question: “Why does Spotify talk like this?”

Ms McGarry said that for her, those “weird” moments, where the app was pulling phrases from a word cloud of popular slang and search terms, were a reminder that Spotify was a corporation and was sharing snippets from its Wrapped campaign on social. The media was “free advertising”.

According to Taj Alvi, global head of marketing at Spotify, the company is always on the lookout for new and creative ways to connect with Spotify listeners, of whom there are more than 381 million worldwide.

“We often lean into playful language and user experiences – it is a core part of who we are as a brand,” Ms. Alvi wrote in an email. “When we consider what will be included in the user experience, one of the most important factors is connecting to the culture, not just Spotify. So you can see cultural from 2021 reflected in the interactive user experience. Will see playful references to trends.”

Mr. Suresh said he uses Spotify a lot, making it “one of the companies to know everything” about him. However, for him this year’s roundup reached a bit too far.

“It just felt like a classic Twitter thing when the brand is trying to look like a human or something,” he said in a phone interview from his home in Brooklyn, noting that he just wanted to see the data. .

That doesn’t mean he didn’t check his Spotify Wrapped with genuine curiosity. His top performer, he said, was Elliot Smith.

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