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US election: Donald Trump drops biggest hint yet he’ll run in 2024

Donald Trump has given the biggest hint so far that he plans to run in the next US presidential election.

Donald Trump has given a big hint that he plans to run for US President again in 2024.

Appearing on the UK channel GB News, broadcaster and friend Nigel Farage asked why a man “who has everything (he has)” considered “going back to that hell”? – saying that Mr Trump’s time as president was spent dealing with impeachment, mainstream media and “a whole load of conspiracies”.

“We have done an amazing job. When you love the country you have no choice,” said the former president.

“It is a wonderfully beautiful life but I also loved that because I was helping people.

“So I did it and I think you’ll be happy in the future too, because that will be your next question, but you’ll be happy in the future.”

Mr. Faraz replied, “I know you can’t answer that question because it will start the clock ticking of the campaign.”

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Trump concluded the interview, saying, “We’ll have a big ’22 and I think we’ll have an even bigger ’24.”

NS clear signal, before now, that the controversial Republican will run in the 2024 election was early last month.

“I’m definitely thinking about it and we’ll see,” he said in an interview. Fox News,

For Trump to run in 2024, he would need to win the Republican presidential nomination. Officially, campaigning for that role does not begin until after the US midterm election in November 2022.

Mr Trump used his airtime with Mr Farage to once again say the 2020 election, which he lost, was “rigged”.

He also took a swing for current US President Joe Biden pull all troops out of afghanistan This year, as a result of the takeover of the Taliban.

Mr Trump called the move “the most embarrassing moment in the history of our country”.

“What happened to the United States is a matter of shame,” he said.

As for the US Capitol Riot On 6 January, which resulted in Mr Trump’s second impeachment by the US Congress for allegedly inciting a crowd, Mr Trump tried to change the narrative.

“The rebellion happened on November 3, that was election day,” he said.

“That was a rebellion for me and January 6th was a protest.”

Mr Trump also said Twitter, the social platform on which he had been banned since January 6, was now a “very boring place”.

In July, Mr Trump announced that he was Facebook, Twitter and Google sued, accused the tech giants of violating their right to freedom of speech.

In October, he revealed that he was planning to start his own social media platform, Dub Truth Social,

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