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Toyota shocks with sweeping electric car strategy

The Japanese giant unveils a massive attack on the car industry, investing heavily in new vehicles open to fuel a radical future.

Toyota has revealed broad plans for a range of electric vehicles covering nearly every type of car on sale.

The Japanese giant showed off more than a dozen battery-powered concept cars overnight as part of a $100 billion green motoring investment.

It plans to introduce 30 new electric cars worldwide by 2030.

Vehicles range from affordable hatchbacks to off-road four-wheel-drive, a luxury sedan rivaling Tesla’s Model S, and a Ferrari-fighting Lexus supercar.

There’s even an electric ute that’s aimed at Ford’s F-150 Lightning And the new Rivian pickup.

Toyota’s first electric car will go on sale in 2022. renamed bZ4XThe compact SUV was developed as part of a joint venture with Subaru.

Toyota has been reluctant to commit to electric cars with the same determination as global rivals such as Volkswagen, preferring to sell hybrid machines while investing in future technology such as hydrogen fuel cell,

Increasing deadlines for the end of sales of combustion-powered vehicles in key markets such as Europe and California may have prompted Toyota to push for electric cars more difficult.

But the company is adamant that hydrogen and hybrid powered machines still have an important role to play.

Akio ToyodaToyota’s president said that different markets will choose vehicles and technologies to offer to consumers, as “the energy situation varies greatly from region to region”.

“This is why Toyota is committed to providing a diverse range of carbon-neutral options to meet the needs and circumstances of every country and region,” he said.

“It is not us but the local market and our customers who decide which option to choose.”

Toyota Australia President Matthew Calachor said the company is “fully committed to providing our customers with a range of technologies that will help them on their journey to zero emissions”, and that no one will be left behind.

“Importantly, Toyota is not limited to one technological solution as Australians have different motoring needs, from inner cities to suburbs, regional and rural areas and with locations outside Australia,” he said.

“Australians are already buying Toyota hybrid electric vehicles in record numbers, significantly reducing the amount of carbon emissions they emit.” This demonstrates their support for a cleaner, more sustainable future and affordable, practical alternatives. “


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