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Toxic workplace: everyone on TikTok is quitting their toxic job with no warning

Young people on TikTok are sharing their experiences of leaving toxic workplaces in the most dramatic way possible.

One of life’s rites of passage is a hell of a deal to deal with in a toxic workplace—especially when you’re joining the workforce for the first time and people feel like they can treat you like they want to.

Sure, these experiences make for wonderful stories to tell at dinner parties, but imagine if we just said “no.”

Millions of people are doing exactly that, and then sharing their experiences of quitting their toxic jobs on TikTok and Instagram.

Look, watch the old people jump and complain about the younger generation having no work to do. However, I think we can all agree that there is a difference between ‘no work ethic’ and ‘enough self esteem to walk away from toxic management’.

Some are particularly wild — like this one where she literally walks out of the job mid-shift:

Of course it’s probably not the best idea (unless it’s so bad that you feel insecure), but I bet it felt really cool.

I’d love to get out of the narcissistic small-time retail owner who regularly made people cry, or the cafe owners collecting our tips for a “Christmas work party” that never happened. Most of the time, taking the high road and giving your two weeks notice is a better option for you, though.

I’ve also been the other lowly staff member left to cover the entire floor as a coworker marched in mid-shift (like the video above) and honestly, it sucked that I was the one who had to deal with it, no. Toxic Management.

In general, though, it’s not quite as dramatic. It’s people putting on their notice for a job they hate, and appearing lighter the second time a tough conversation is over. Like the lady above, who literally sits up straight as soon as she puts in the notice.

Others were sharing stories of times when they did their job well enough, and why it was the best decision they ever made.

Which begs the question – provided you’re lucky enough to have personal circumstances that allow it – why is leaving a job you fear a bad thing about?

And why not have more consequences and shame at toxic workplaces that may not keep employees for any length of time, rather than avoid them?

After all mother (Prince Harry) said it was fine.

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