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Top selling new cars in November revealed

Australian car buyers have voted with their wallets as they drive the sale of two vehicles head and shoulders above the rest. View full list.

The Australian new car market declined in November.

Global shortages of semiconductors, which are a vital component in cars, have created supply shortages on new cars.

A total of 80,639 new vehicles were sold in November, which is about 15,000 less than the corresponding month in 2020.

Tony Weber, head of the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, said the industry is facing a challenging time, but demand remains strong despite limited supply.

“Car manufacturers are competing for microprocessors around the world with many other sectors, such as white goods manufacturers. Some of the new vehicles sold in the Australian market may require as many as 3000 of these parts, so this shortfall is certainly being felt by the industry,” said Mr Weber.

“Challenges aside, we are less than 29,000 vehicles away from the 1 million new cars being put into the hands of Australian motorists in 2021.”

Toyota took the biggest hit from this shortfall this November with about 8000 fewer sales than the previous.

The Japanese giant has been forced to halt production at its factories, affecting popular models such as the HiLux ute, the RAV4 SUV and the LandCruiser four-wheel drive.

Some Toyota vehicles have a waiting list of nine months.

Mazda also experienced a major sales slide, shifting around 3700 fewer new cars.

Despite its woes, Toyota still had three out of five best-selling vehicles in the country in November.

Ford Ranger ute was the best selling vehicle with 4429 sales. This is an excellent result considering the Ranger due to change Sometime next year an . By Australian developed workhorse,

The Ranger was followed by Toyota HiLux (4228), Hyundai i30 (2254), Toyota Corolla (2104) and Toyota RAV4 (1820).

Mitsubishi and MG were two of the few mainstream brands to post positive results.

Strong sales of the Mitsubishi ASX (1625) and the new Outlander (1633) helped the Japanese brand increase sales by more than four percent in November.

MG is the real standout. Its sales jumped more than 85 percent in November and nearly 170 percent this year.

The sales of the MG3 small hatchback and the ZS compact SUV have fueled the growth of the Chinese brand.

More than 560 electric cars got home in November, a jump of more than 200 percent.

These figures would be even higher but Tesla does not publicly disclose its local sales figures.

The advantage of hatchbacks and sedans is waning as Australian drivers turn to SUVs and light commercial vehicles such as Utes.

Top 10 Selling Cars in November

Ford Ranger – 4429

Toyota Hilux – 4228

Hyundai i30 – 2254

Toyota Corolla – 2104

Toyota RAV4 – 1820

Nissan Navara – 1792

Mitsubishi Outlander – 1633

Mitsubishi ASX – 1625

MG ZS – 1576

Hyundai Tucson – 1541

Top 10 Selling Brands in November

Toyota – 15,239

Hyundai – 6854

Ford – 6215

Mitsubishi – 5720

Mazda – 5295

Kia – 4915

MG – 3743

Nissan – 3509

Volkswagen – 3098

Subaru – 2712


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