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Sydney weather: Video captures waterfall on M1 Pacific Motorway

Scary footage has emerged of a massive waterfall on the M1 Pacific motorway during heavy rain in Sydney on Thursday.

Dramatic views of waterfalls cascading down one of Sydney’s busiest highways have been captured during dangerous rains.

Water was filmed running off a roadside cliff on the M1 Pacific motorway on Thursday as strong thunderstorms hit Sydney and its surrounding areas.

Footage later shared online showed that the left lane was completely filled, with small waves against cars traveling slowly in the direction of the city.

Traffic appeared to have been jammed for kilometres, with vehicles forced to crawl at a slow speed during heavy rain and competition against deep, long stretches of water on the road.

The video has been shared over 12,000 times and received comments from over 5000 people, with many seeing a similar view on M1 on Thursday.

A driver said the waterfall was so big that when she passed she didn’t use the left lane at all.

“When I went past the waterfall was huge, only one street could go; Water was flowing in the middle of the road,” she wrote.

Several other frequent users of the highway said that they had never seen it in such condition.

“Have walked that path many times in my life, never seen it like this. What an eye opener,” wrote one.

“Twenty years of driving the M1 up and down – never seen before. Water never comes on the walls of these rocks like this. That is crazy,” said a third.

Someone else joked that drivers should swap their car keys for a set of boat keys.

“I think it requires a boat license,” he wrote.

“Think they should have brought a boat,” said another.

Another storm hit Sydney on Friday, bringing concerns about heavy rain and more flash floods.

Earlier on Friday, the body of a woman was recovered after she was reported to have been washed away in flood waters in the icy Monaro region of the state.

Emergency services were called to Turos Road near Countegani Road in Turos just after 2.20 a.m. on Friday, after reports a vehicle with two occupants – a man and a woman – were trapped in flood waters.

Police were told that the woman occupant got out of the car before she was swept away by the flood waters.

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