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Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane weather: Forecast for hot weekend, possible storms

Don’t be fooled by the yo-yoing temperatures in the coming days, a heatwave is bringing the day 50C and it’s time for the weekend.

Australia’s “heat engine” in northwestern Western Australia is in full throttle mode and ready to deliver scorching sun over much of the country, including major capitals.

In some inland areas, mercury can also be seen above 50C, which will be the record high level of December.

but while Weekend may be foggy in South and EastThere is slight fluctuation in temperature in the coming days to reach there. And the heat can’t last.

“The blazing sun over the Pilbara region is seeing temperatures climb closer to 50C in the coming days, as a significant heatwave builds up over the northern part of the country,” it said. sky news weather Meteorologist Alison Osborne.

“A very warm air mass – exceptionally hot – is developing over northern Australia and this summer is being pulled south and then east by the end of the weekend.”

Before it arrived, rain and a few storms could give the sun a break. South Australia has already witnessed some volatile conditions which are expected to move into parts of Victoria and New South Wales.

But by the end of this week, she’s hot weather During the weekend temperatures will begin to appear in the forties over northern South Africa and then into the thirties for the eastern capitals.

The Bureau of Meteorology is predicting an extreme heat in the Pilbara that will last through Monday with severe and low-intensity heatwave conditions over the Northern Territory as well as western Queensland, SA and northern NSW.

50C. inland areas touching

Beginning in WA, and the broom is going to be delicious – like in burnt toast. Today’s high of 34C will reach 37C by Sunday and it will barely fall below the thirties overnight. Marble Bar in Inland Pilbara, looking at 49C for Sunday.

Cooler for Perth with temperatures approaching 30C once again on Monday of next week with today’s near 30C high dropping to mid-twenties.

Sunny and dry Adelaide will see a drop of 30°C tomorrow, then a sizzling 37°C on Friday and only 25°C on Sunday. Minimum between 13-18C. A pleasant 24C on Saturday.

Melbourne won’t even reach its twenties today but the mercury will start to climb. Moderately at first 22C on Thursday, then 29C on Friday before topping out at 33C on Saturday. Enjoy it because as of Sunday it is back at 21C. But next week is looking hot.

Melbourne has an overnight minimum temperature of 11-13 degrees Celsius, but Saturday got off to a warmer start when it won’t drop below 21 degrees Celsius overnight.

Possible storms in Gippsland with some rain in inland Victoria on Wednesday and that heat on Saturday.

Hobart will also be hot and like Melbourne it will gradually get there, with 22C on Friday, before sunny 29C on Saturday and 19C on Sunday.

East Coast is warming, some storms

Canberra followed a warm series of days with 26C on Thursday rising to 33C on Saturday and then dropping to 26C before rising a touch closer to 30C early next week. The minimum temperature will be around 10-13C for most of the days or 17C on Sunday morning.

In South Coastal NSW, storms are possible today and Saturday with more rain on Sunday but totals should be relatively mild.

One or two showers for Sydney on Wednesday and Thursday. Temperatures peak in the mid-teens for the end of the week and then reach 30C on Saturday and 26C on Sunday. Hot nights and minimum temperature will be around 20 degree Celsius.

Northern NSW is looking hot. Mori will see a high above 35C for the next seven days including 38C on Saturday. Bourke is looking at 43C on Saturday. Coastal areas north of the state should be cooler, perhaps up to 30C, with regular but light rain over the weekend.

Brilliant Brisbane for days to come with 31C on Sunday and possible rain on Friday and Saturday should not drop below 30C. Minimum between 19-21C.

Sunny and 34C in Cairns next week. Longreach may hit 41C several times in the coming days.

Stormy hot and humid in Darwin with 35-36C tops and 27C lows. There may be a fall of up to 8 mm on Friday. Hotter still inland and Katherine is forecast at 41C today and Thursday and Alice Springs is forecast to do the same on Friday and Saturday.


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