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Susan Rosenblatt, Who Took On Big Tobacco, Dies at 70

If Mr. Rosenblatt garnered the most attention, it was Ms. Rosenblatt, as the Chicago Sun-Times described her in 2000, “an expert in law balancing her expertise before the jury, of her bowed-down absence.” The comparisons were of concern. The detail man balances his big-picture scene.”

In addition to her husband and their son David, Ms. Rosenblatt has two other sons, Joshua and Moses; six daughters, Miriam Hoffman, Rachel Gdansky, Rebecca Asraf, Jacqueline Richter, Reina Kleiner and Sharon Franco; a brother, Alan Goldman; a sister, Ruth Schwager; and 30 grandchildren.

As busy as Rosenblatt was, Orthodox Jewish, she never worked on the Sabbath, yet Ms. Rosenblatt sometimes lamented that she spent so much time on matters at the cost of home life. Mr Rosenblatt, however, said there was a philosophy behind his domestic madness.

“Susan felt, and I agreed with her, that the most important thing a parent can do is set an example,” he said.

The couple’s eldest daughter, Ms. Hoffman, said a piece of family lore combined Ms. Rosenblatt’s legal expertise and parenting skills. At one point, she said, her mother obtained a used mini-school bus — yellow, of course — to be taken here and there. A Miami Beach neighbor complained that parking a yellow school bus in a residential area was a violation of city code. Ms Rosenblatt, Ms Hoffman said, reassured an administrative judge that if the bus was not yellow, it would be in compliance. So he painted the thing green.

“She was my mother,” Ms Hoffman said by email. “She always had a special way of doing things. Unlike anyone else.”

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