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Scott Morrison supports bringing Covid booster shots forward

Scott Morrison says the possibility of bringing forward booster shots will be ‘strongly supported’ by the government.

Scott Morrison says the government will “strongly support” any possibility of bringing COVID-19 booster shots beyond their current six-month limit.

The prime minister said any possible change in the interval time between the Australian second dose and the booster would be subject to “close monitoring” by the health minister, the chief medical officer and himself.

However, the final decision will ultimately be left to the country’s health authority on vaccination (ATAGI).

“We have already talked to ATAGI about what should be the period between the second dose and the booster shot,” Mr Morrison said.

“They are the right people to rise to these things.”

Mr Morrison said the government would be “ready to go” if ATAGI gave the green light to pursue booster shots.

“(If) they can be brought forward with new information, we will strongly support it and if they want to do so, we are ready to move forward,” he said.

Australia is one of the first countries in the world to launch a total population booster programme.

Pfizer is currently the only vaccine brand available as a booster shot. It should be administered at least six months after a person receives their second dose.

On Wednesday, the Therapeutic Goods Administration announced that Moderna Vaccine was provisionally approved to be added to Pfizer as an available booster shot.

In a statement, the TGA said it has approved the second mRNA shot for use as a booster after “careful evaluation.”

Mr Morrison welcomed the move, highlighting the importance of the booster to protect Australians against the new Omicron variant.

“Well over 600,000 Australians already have their boosters. And we want to keep encouraging people to go and get it,” he said.

“Now it’s very important that people keep going and get their boosters.”

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