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Scott Morrison slams ICAC as Gladys Berejiklian turns down Warringah

Scott Morrison is shocked to hear the news that Gladys Berejiklian will not run for Warringah.

The Prime Minister is shocked to hear the news that former NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian will not run for the Liberal Party in the seat of Warringah in next year’s election.

Scott Morrison told 2GB that he “fully respected” Ms Berejiklian’s decision not to step into federal politics before launching another attack against the Independent Commission on Corruption.

Mr Morrison condemned the independent watchdog, insisting that the former NSW premier was treated in a “horrific” manner throughout the hearing.

“In the public domain information about some of the most personal things was being disclosed,” he said.

“This is not justice. This.

“That’s not how people should treat the late premier of NSW with respect.”

Ms Berejiklian resigned as premier in October after the ICAC revealed it was investigating whether she was involved in acts of corruption while in a relationship with former Wagga Wagga MP Daryl Maguire.

The ICAC considered whether it had failed in its duty to report suspected corruption, violated public trust and aided Mr. Maguire with corrupt practices.

Ms Berejiklian has denied any wrongdoing and the ICAC has yet to submit its findings on the former prime minister.

But the prime minister has passed the final decision of the ICAC, expressing loudly his own belief in the innocence of the former prime minister.

In November, Mr Morrison described the independent watchdog as a “kangaroo court”, while criticizing the Labor Party for supporting the investigation.

On Friday, he fired once again, insisting that Ms Berejiklian had been mistreated throughout the corruption scandal.

“I’ve been very public about my views on the way I think she’s been treated and I think it’s horrible,” Morrison told 2GB.

“People can put forth their views one way or another, but I say it very straightforward.”

The prime minister has publicly encouraged Ms Berejiklian to run for the North Sydney seat of Warringah over the past week.

But on Friday, Ms Berejiklian put an end to the rumors and confirmed she would not enter federal politics.

“I am looking forward to very little public life. I will not contest from the federal seat of Warringah or any other seat for that matter,” she told 2GB.

“I’m going in a different direction and I look forward to the opportunities that come next year.”

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