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Robberies, Always an Issue for Retailers, Become More Brazen

Anonymity represents another example in which criminals influenced by rules in the physical world can operate freely on the Internet – an issue that has surfaced in the problems associated with misinformation, suspicious advertising and goods glorification of crime,

Pawnshops, for example, are regulated in nearly every state, said Richard Rossman, a sergeant with the Broward County Sheriff’s Office in Florida, who is also part of the Law Enforcement and Retail Coalition.

“If you are going to sell an item to a pawnshop, the seller must promise that the property is his, it has not been stolen, and that the pawnshop properly documents the item in a state-regulated form. And we can hold the seller accountable and the pawnshop accountable,” said Sergeant Rossman. “There’s no mechanism right now that requires the collection of that data on an online marketplace.”

The alliance has received support from industry groups and retailers, including pharmacy chains, Home Depot and Ulta Beauty, in what is known as a bipartisan law. notify consumer act, The bill would require online marketplaces to authenticate the identities of “high-volume third-party sellers,” including their bank account information and tax identification, and provide consumers with basic identification and contact information for those vendors. will be allowed to view. This rule would apply to sellers who made 200 or more discrete sales in a year amounting to $5,000 or more.

Etsy, OfferUp and eBay said they backed the law in the latter. oppose a draft This raised privacy and security concerns for vendors, especially those selling small items such as sofas or those with a craft business at home. Etsy noted that mass-produced items were generally not allowed in its marketplace, even if they were being sold legally. Meta, which owns Facebook Marketplace, and Real Real, which sells high-end secondhand goods, declined to comment on the law.

Meta said Facebook Marketplace users can report items they thought were stolen and that law enforcement could contact the company regarding suspicious items.

Amazon said in a statement that “we routinely request invoices, purchase orders or other evidence of sourcing when we have concerns about how sellers have obtained the particular products they wish to sell.” It said it employed 10,000 people working to prevent fraud and abuse on its site and supported the Information Consumers Act.

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