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NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard criticised after mocking journalist


NSW Health Minister Brad Hazard has been labeled ‘obnoxious’ and ‘unhinged’ after he made a bizarre attack against a female reporter on live TV.

NSW Health Minister Brad Hazard has been slammed online after a bizarre attack on a female journalist, mocking her and taunting her on live television.

Mr Hazard held a press conference in Coffs Harbor on Thursday to answer questions about a new hospital expansion project.

But as ABC journalist Danuta Kozaki dialed in to ask about regional health issues, Mr Hazard mocked and ridiculed her.

“Uh. Someone just said Danuta could ask a question, but that was not me,” said Mr. Hazard.

After refusing to answer Ms Kozaki’s question, insisting that he would “go out and say a lot”, Mr Hazard began to mock the journalist, insisting he would attend the press conference. troubling other people.

“Danuta there’s a bunch of people here clapping and cheering on all your constant questions,” joked Mr. Hazard.

“It’s widely accepted from all the media here that you’ve had enough.

“That’s another thing. Do it well.”

After Ms. Kozaki thanked him and dropped the call, Mr. Hazard intensified his attack, attempting to make the other journalists laugh with his taunts.

“Okay, thanks Danuta, see you. Anyone wanna clap for Danuta?” He laughed.

“No, there was none. Sorry, Danuta. Goodbye.”

Mr Hazard’s performance was criticized online, with some labeling his behavior as “condescending”, “obnoxious” and even “disrespectful”.

Another person wrote: “Very unhelpful presser from Brad Hazard out there.”

ABC fellow reporter Tim Fernandez praised Kozaki despite Hazard’s “dismissal and condescending” conduct.

“Despite this behaviour, the good work continues,” Mr. Fernandez said.


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