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Melbourne mum cops $500 fine for driving while on her mobile phone when it was really an ice-cream

She was considering her own business of eating ice cream when she was fined a whopping $500.

A Melbourne mother has been fighting tooth and nail for the past year over a $500 driving fine for accidentally releasing ice cream she eats for a mobile phone.

35-year-old Michelle Kors was minding her own business and eating Magnum Double Caramel Ego When he was stopped by the police in November 2020, he said.

Victoria Police has charged a mother with driving while using a mobile phone.

He was slapped with a $496 infringement.

But the mother did not take the fine while lying down and after more than a year, the police have finally admitted their mistake.

While working as a beautician and raising her four-year-old son, Ms. Kors decided to fight the fine because she couldn’t afford it.

Even when he pulled over the police, he argued his case with the police.

He was fined on November 2 last year at 4.40 pm.

While they were writing to her, Ms Kors showed the officers her receipt for ice cream, which had been bought six minutes earlier with petrol at a nearby service station.

“There’s no way I can eat my magnum ego, hold my phone and drive at the same time,” Ms. Kors said a current affair those days.

However, this was not enough to deceive the police.

“I only went back to work for a week and then, facing this fine, your entire wages were gone,” she said.

So he took things further.

The victim’s mother demanded dash camera footage of the incident from the police.

Ms Kors also collected a log of her phone records to show that she was not calling anyone before being pulled over.

The matter was set to go to court and then officials contacted him to inform that the court battle would not go ahead.

“Common sense has prevailed and the penalty has been removed,” Ms Kors said.

It also came just before Christmas, just ahead of time. The mother revealed that her beautician business is struggling due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“It will make a big difference to us,” she said. “It’s been another difficult year during Covid, so this will make a huge difference.”

The penalty for using a mobile phone while driving is typically four demerit points and a fine of up to $1517, although according to Vikroads, it’s typically a $455 infringement.

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