Max Verstappen is aggressive but mature Lewis Hamilton is favourite: Karun Chandhok | Racing News – World News

Max Verstappen is aggressive but mature Lewis Hamilton is favourite: Karun Chandhok | Racing News

New Delhi: Indian Racing Driver Karun Chandoki expressed his excitement as Max Verstappen seized the pole position for formula Oneend of season Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on Saturday.
In his column for The Times of India, Chandok wrote, “After 47 years, we have reached the final round of the World Championship, with two title contenders at par. It has been an extraordinary season with drama and controversy, Crashes on the track and a war of words, high quality driving but also a few incidents that affected the campaign. After 21 races, Max Verstappen And Lewis Hamilton go towards Abu Dhabi The “winner takes all” contest is reminiscent of the final at Wimbledon, equal to points or cricket world cup,
Seven-time world champion Lewis hamilton And Verstappen is on points in the standings, with Verstappen leading 9-8 on race wins – meaning he will be the champion no matter where he ends up if Hamilton fails to score for whatever reason.
“For the past few days, most people have asked me two questions: (a) who do I think will win the title? (b) will Max and Lewis bump into each other? My answer is (a), I think that Lewis is the favorite because mercedes There appears to be a faster car in race trim at the moment and (b) I hope not!” Chandok said.
Verstappen was 0.371 a second faster than Hamilton, who was more than half a second after the first flying laps of the final session and did not get enough to close the gap.
“Hamilton has shown calmness and maturity in the heat of the title fight. The experience of the last seven title competitions should be rewarding, especially as the pressure builds up towards the end of the season. Verstappen is an exceptional young man who has more talent than the race in his little finger. Drive more cars than most people can ever dream of. He’s only 24 while Lewis is racing for 28! In terms of pure speed, there’s nothing to choose between them. Mentality, personality and experience In terms of, they are different poles. What connects them is their pure desire to win,” Chandok said.
The pole was Verstappen’s 10th in the 22-race season and there was still considerable mutual respect with the fist bump even after the two furious competitors on the track showed that their cars were parked. Hamilton, 36, is chasing a record-breaking eighth title, while Verstappen, 24, is seeking his maiden title. He has had several incidents, including accidents at the British and Italian Grand Prix.
“The skirmishes on the track this year have shown a very different style of racing between the two drivers. Max is clearly more aggressive and willing to put his car in the gap, which most people would consider risky and even unfair ,” concluded Chandok. ,


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