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Leigh Sales grills Chris Bowen with simple question

A Labor MP has failed to answer a simple question five times about a key feature of his party’s policy.

Labor’s climate change policy came under fire after a major frontbencher failed to answer a simple question about when Australians would be able to afford an affordable electric vehicle.

Last Friday, the opposition unveiled a $600 million plan to cut Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions by 43 percent by 2030 – a pledge that the party promises will create 600,000 jobs and increase household electricity bills of $275 a year by 2025. will cut.

Electric vehicles have been a key feature of Labor’s climate policy, with opposition leader Anthony Albanese promising tax cuts and incentives.

Buyers will be exempted from paying five per cent import duty on imported electric vehicles and 47 per cent fringe benefits tax for vehicles provided through work for personal use.

But when climate change spokesman Chris Bowen was repeatedly asked when Australians might expect to buy an electric vehicle of the same size as the Hyundai i30 – which currently costs around $25,000 – for the same price he could not answer. .

Leigh Sales asked ABC’s question five times at 7.30 but failed to provide a target date, each time giving a roundabout answer full of buzzwords and policy details.

“Well, our policy is to cut the electric vehicle tax, the main lever we’re pushing,” he said.

“We have some electric vehicle policies in place, including electrifying the Commonwealth fleet, which is important because it will flow through second-hand sales after about three years, which is very important.

“So we will have 75 percent of our Commonwealth vehicles … as electric by 2025 …”

Sales were interrupted in an attempt to get a straight answer, “Sorry cut you off, just for one consumer…”

Her question prompted Mr. Bowen to say: “No, fair call. We will cut taxes on electric vehicles and we will eliminate the fringe benefit tax for businesses. Now, why is this important…”

The presenter cut him short again, who asked Mr. Bowen to speak to the average person.

“I just want to know when can I buy an electric car for Rs 25,000,” Sale asked.

Mr Bowen once again tried to respond by saying that a reduction in tariffs from Labor’s tax cut would cut costs “about” $2000.

“And for a business, a $9000 discount…and a business is just as important, about 50 percent of the fleet of cars sold, then flows into the second-hand market, so you get a more affordable second-hand.” Electric vehicles meet,” she said.

Sales responded that the Tesla Model 3, which costs $70,000, would not be an affordable model for the average punter.

Mr Bowen once again cited Labor’s tax cuts.

“We see more affordable EVs available in other countries and we want to make those EVs more affordable in Australia by cutting taxes,” he said.

“And then you put some of the state exemptions on top of that … Put that together … you get electric vehicles more affordable.”

Sales once again sought to ask when Australians can expect to buy an affordable electric vehicle.

“But how soon?” He asked.

“Because people have to decide now – ‘Should I get a new car next year? Should I wait five years? When should I get an electric vehicle’.”

One final time, Mr. Bowen failed to give Sales a date.

“Our tax deduction will be applicable from July 1 when we come to office. State relaxations are already in place, they will start working,” he said.

“We have a very low electric vehicle sales rate in Australia. One of the lowest in the world, which needs to be reversed.

“Australians should have more options. We want to give Australians that option by making electric vehicles more affordable.”


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