India vs New Zealand: This has been my dream year but aim is to improve further, says Axar Patel | Cricket News – World News

India vs New Zealand: This has been my dream year but aim is to improve further, says Axar Patel | Cricket News

MUMBAI: It was a “dream” that he nurtured over years of hard work and Akshar Patel Nothing could be more gratifying that he has felt it at the highest level of cricket against teams like England and New Zealand.
Patel has largely been in the shadow of another conservative left-arm spinner Ravindra JadejaYears ago he made the year 2021 his own with 36 wickets in his fifth Test.
Asked how he will finish the year that started with 27 wickets in three Tests against England, Axar admitted that it has indeed been a dream.

“Actually, it’s been my dream year, you might say. The way I bowled in the England series and now how the New Zealand series ended, there was IPL in between so I can say it’s really a one for me. It’s been a good year personally,” Axar, who scored an unbeaten 52 and 41 in this Test, said after the third day’s play.
Akshar said, “My endeavor is to keep improving and see the areas where I need to be better. The hard work I have put in all these years has finally paid off this year.”

In fact, two crucial innings in this ongoing Test convinced him that the trio, with him at home, Ravichandran Ashwin And Jadeja can play as a pure all-rounder.
“The batting coach (Vicky Rathor) and the team management have faith in my batting abilities, and they have always told me ‘you can do it’. Earlier, when I got a chance, I could not convert my starts but This time when I got the chance, I was able to convert.
“My batting is benefiting my team and if you see that me, Jaddu and Aish bhai play as all-rounders, it puts a little pressure on our batsmen, so that’s a good sign. Until I Keep contributing, it’s good for both. Me and my team,” he said.

But with the South Africa series, Akshar knows he may have to sit outside and is ready to spend his time.
“Team management discusses with us and they tell us whether we are fit in a team combination or not. Whatever is the priority for the team it is done and we just tell ourselves that we should focus on our routine And how can we improve,” he said. Akshar showed that he was practical in his thought-process.
Talking exclusively about India’s second innings announcement, Axar said the plan was to bat for as long as possible as timing was not a factor in the game after New Zealand were bowled out for 62 in the first innings. .
“I won’t call it a delay (in the announcement) because there is so much time left in the game. The idea was to bat as much as possible in a situation like this, which you don’t get everyday, so the plan was to make the most of it.
“We were trying to figure out different options and trying to figure out if we had to chase on a track like this on the last day, trying to express ourselves in a different situation,” He said while explaining the rationale behind the move to bat 70. Over in the second innings.
But the left-arm spinner dismissed Dangerous Daryl Mitchell, said the pitch has become quite smooth and a batsman can be out only if he makes a mistake unlike in the first innings when there was a lot of zip from the surface.
“Two days ago, due to the inherent moisture, there was a sharp turn on offer and as time goes on, the track is slowing down a bit. So today, whenever there was a turn, the batsman has enough time to go. Tha back-foot and negotiate it.
“Only if the batsman is making a mistake, it is a bit difficult for him. We have been in many such situations and we know what needs to be done in these situations. It will not always happen that the batsmen will get out. Quickly So one needs to be patient,” he said.


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