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Homeowner mocked for bizarre demands to renters in Scotland

A homeowner has been mocked for his ridiculous requirements for renters, including the stipulated time that he is allowed to use the shower.

After a strange listing went viral, a woman has ruthlessly mocked the demands of a man who rents out her vacant room online.

Listing on SpareRooms, a website that helps renters find available rooms, offers one bedrooms in a shared apartment in Glasgow.

The price is £700 ($A1,295) per month and the unidentified homeowner says they are looking for someone in their 30s and 40s who doesn’t smoke or smoke.

However, the room is only available for rent from Monday to Friday.

If the tenant wants to stay in the home for the “occasional” weekend, that can be arranged—but at an additional cost.

The homeowner kindly states that the tenant will have access to the shower, but only at certain times.

“You can access my shower during the agreed time and your own downstairs bathroom with roll-top bath, which I will also have access to (TBA in advance),”

Thankfully, the tenant will only need to clean 30 percent of the house, with the owner working the other 70 percent because she is the only one who lives there the whole time.

You are allowed to have guests over, but only if they have agreed in advance. Pets are not allowed.

The landlord claims that the home is located in the “upcoming G42 area” and would be ideal for a healthcare worker as it is located opposite New Victoria Hospital.

A screenshot of the demands was posted on Twitter this week by user Sanne Jehoul, with the post quickly attracting hundreds of comments.

“For £700 pcm you can rent a one bedroom flat for yourself in ‘Up and Coming G42’!!!” A Twitter user wrote.

“It feels like a living nightmare. Kind of seriously dystopian and terrifying,” wrote another.

Another said: “Can’t be real. It just can’t happen”.

The listing has been edited since it was first posted and no longer states that the shower can only be used at pre-arranged times.

It also appears that the weekend has now been included in the price, with no reference to the agreement covering only Monday through Friday.

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