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Geelong’s Custom Neon $10m success with Paris Hilton and Elon Musk fans

Paris Hilton used the products at her recent lavish wedding, while the Aussie mum discovered that Elon Musk had bought it while posting it on Twitter.

A year ago celebrity Paris Hilton sent Custom Neon a voice message on Instagram telling the Australian brand she loved their products and was interested in working with them, but co-founder Jess Munday said that Nothing ever came of it.

Fast forward to November this year and Hilton’s star-studded bash included not only Kim Kardashian, Demi Lovato and Nicole Richie, but customized items from the Geelong-based business — all paid for by the bride.

“She asked us to make a neon sign for her wedding and it was a wonderful occasion,” Mrs. Munde told

“I think in three or four days she was married and the other day was a carnival themed party and at the party it was one of our neon signs – the biggest one that said ‘she’s hot’.”

But the mum-of-two said this isn’t the only celebrity fan of the business.

Billionaire and Tesla founder Elon Musk posted a neon sign on Twitter with the phrase cyberwiking – a nod to the cryptocurrency Dogecoin.

“That tweet went viral and we said it looked like one of our signs and we checked our records and it was made by us,” she said. “They drove it to a location in California, which is very exciting.”

The idea for custom neon was born in 2018, while Mrs. Munde was pregnant with her first child.

“We were decorating our son’s nursery and my husband wanted to get a neon sign with the baby’s name and we looked around and couldn’t find one that was affordable and the process of getting a custom-made design wasn’t easy. was,” she said.

“She saw it on Pinterest and she thought it was cool that you could get your son’s name and having a baby at the time and revealing the name is a big deal, hence the excitement of the baby coming and wanting something nice.” Was nursery.”

This prompted the couple to find a supplier to sign and they even decided to make a bunch for their upcoming wedding, with phrases like all you need is love, better together and love xo.

It started a side hustle where they would rent out their wedding signs via Instagram, but they started getting inquiries from local businesses and beyond, with 20 requests a week for customized pieces.

Her $500 investment for previously designed signs has now grown into a $10 million business in just three years, with Mrs. Munde describing the trip as a “whirlwind” and before going on maternity leave to HR. I am far away from my job.

He said the business is on the way to a turnover of $18 million by the end of the current financial year.

People can create their designs through the website where they can choose from 36 different fonts and 18 different colors, with pink and white being the most popular, or a team of 32 people to create custom neon distinctive designs appoints.

The cost for a sign varies depending on size and complexity but averages between $250 and $2500, she said.

The 32-year-old said there have been some interesting requests including some risky signs asking people to change pictures of themselves or their pet dogs to neon signs.

“I think the most remarkable thing we are doing is having a large installation at the W Hotel in Sydney and it is the largest neon shape in the Southern Hemisphere,” she revealed.

“It’s a huge emu that’s about to move into the atrium in the new hotel and it’s pink and that’s a hanging installation. It’s made of so many different pieces because it’s an emu and it’s so big that we had to give it a try.” Had to engineer and figure out how we would fit it and put it together. It’s something new for us.”

Ms. Munde said, for her three-year-old son, Jagger, who was the originator of custom neon, he now has the luxury of choosing different signs.

“At the moment it is the blue-eyed Batman-shaped head who is the pride of place in his room at the moment,” she laughs.

His stints have appeared on the reality renovation show The Block as well as in many restaurants, bars and other businesses around the world.

Mrs Munde said that while the pandemic hit the organizing side of her gig, trade signals now account for 70 per cent of her orders.

Interestingly, 60 per cent of their business also comes from the US.

“It is now such a large part and such a large country so there is so much opportunity for development,” she said.

“We plan to expand further in the US and plan to set up our own manufacturing there next year. We just recently got an office in LA and five people started.”

Mrs Munde said it is difficult to pick a favorite order since the launch of Custom Neon as usually they are “part of life’s milestone moments”.

But what remains with him was a sign he made earlier this year for a bride named Lauren.

She wanted a thoughtful way to honor her husband’s late father at their wedding.

“She chose a sign for ‘Chamber Landing’ – that’s the name of a famous bar in Lake Tahoe where all the family used to get together,” Mrs. Munde explained.

“They hung the sign over the bar so that they could include (the groom’s) father in their celebration.”

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