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Fortnite Chapter 3: Map, countdown, release date australia time

In Chapter 3’s surprise launch, gamers are battling to find matches that will showcase a full range of new gameplay features, equipment and weapons.

Season 3 of Fortnite launched on Monday morning with a revamped map, new gameplay features, and different weapons.

And … The Rock.

The excitement in the gaming community was intense and reportedly drove the most successful season launch ever experienced by Fortnite.

There are changes to the gameplay mechanics and a whole new range of areas to explore.

These new locations include a desert biome, a tropical lagoon, and a whole bunch of snow.

The Leaning Towers appear to be covered in snow and will slowly unfold once the thaw begins and most of the designated spots are completely new, including Camp Cuddle, Kondo Canyon and The Daily Bugle.

There are also new outposts for Seven and a whole slew of new quests.

Slight changes to the gameplay mean that new weather effects, including lightning and tornadoes, will arrive later this season.

The update was teased for gamers after it was leaked online.

The stakes were raised in recent hours when users were facing problems playing the game, with the previous update leaving gamers unable to play in hours leading up to the release of a new chapter.

While there’s an ongoing struggle to reach Chapter 3 with server queues and matchmaking issues, there are some pretty big gameplay changes when access is cleared.

Fortnite Chapter 3 New Items

Tent – These can be used to fix and store items that can be used in future matches. The great thing is that this is the first time you can save items for future matches.

web shooter– Inspired by Spider-Man, they let you shoot webs and swing them around the map. These are not available as of December 11th.

med-mist– Healing Spray Canister for yourself or a teammate.

Gujiya juice – One bottle will heal you to 100 percent health, taking damage will stop the process.

vaults – These must be opened by a teammate or a friendly enemy. You can revive or reboot teammates by applying more than one player chip.

quadcrusher – Vehicles that have replaced shopping carts and ATKS.

victory crown – If you win you get a Victory Crown to wear in the next match. If a player wins a match wearing the Victory Crown they unlock a special gesture.

Fortnite Chapter 3 New Weapons

ranger assault rifle – Medium to long range rifle with slightly higher accuracy.

mk-seven assault rifle – A standard assault rifle but zooms in like a sniper rifle.

Stryker Pump-Action Shotgun – It sprays a powerful spread of pellets.

auto shotgun – Not as powerful as the striker but much faster.

side-arm pistol – A precision weapon that deals high damage at medium range.

sting smg – A fast-firing SMG designed for medium to close combat.

hunter bolt-action sniper rifle– A sniper rifle that allows you to fire three bullets before reloading.


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