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Elon Musk has blasted a US Senator after she questioned his tax payments

The world’s richest man clapped at an American politician who questioned him over his tax payments as a $70 billion bill hangs over his head

Elon Musk has dubbed a US senator ‘Karen’ for questioning his taxes, while legislation that could force him to pay $50 billion to the government hangs over his head.

Democrats in the United States are trying to pass new rules that would tax the nation’s richest people at a much higher rate. Tesla bosses will be most affected by the Build Back Better reforms and will be taxed by up to A$50 billion ($A70 billion) over the first five years of the program.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, who has been an advocate for higher taxes and bills on the wealthy, took to Twitter to hit out at him.

“Let’s change the rigged tax code so that Person of the Year actually pays taxes and stops freeloading everyone else,” she wrote, referring to Mr Musk, who was named time Magazine’s first Person of the Year for his contributions to business and space exploration.

Senator Warren had previously advocated an annual wealth tax of 4 percent on assets over US$1 billion ($A1.4 billion).

Musk Clapped on Senator for His Behavior, Calling Him ‘Karen’

“You remind me that when I was a kid and my friend’s angry mom screamed randomly at everyone for no reason,” he said.

“Please don’t call the manager on me, Senator Karen.”

Karen is a common online slur used to describe Baby Boomers. Urban Dictionary describes it as a person who “solves the problems of others” is an inconvenience to him, although he is not even remotely affected.

The pair have also clashed over Musk’s insistence on voting for Build Back Better Reform.

Musk’s wealth exceeded US300 billion ($A418 billion) in October and he first urged Congress to vote on the entirety of the reform.

“Honestly, I can just do this whole bill,” he said of the US1.75 trillion ($A2.4 trillion) bill. Don’t pass it. This is my recommendation,” he said, speaking on a wall street journal the seminar.

Musk has been selling his shares of Tesla since he announced on Twitter last month that he would be getting rid of 10 percent of his stock.

They have sold nearly $13 billion ($A18 billion) in shares since October – which would be subject to income tax.

CNN reported that he would have to pay at least US$7.6 billion (A$10.6 billion) in taxes for 2021, but it could reach up to US$15 billion (A$21 billion), as long as he owns how much more stock. sells.

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