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Converse, Scotch & Soda, Hurley: Major retailers issue paperless Slyp Smart Receipts

A big change is coming for some of Australia’s most popular retailers that will change the way customers shop in their stores.

Major fashion retailers are one step closer to going paperless after signing on to discontinue paper receipt printing for in-store purchases.

Major brands Scotch & Soda, Converse, Hurley and Peter Shepard are the latest businesses to offer Sleep Smart receipts that are sent to consumers via SMS and/or the NAB banking app.

Four retailers have joined Q, General Pants, JD Sports and Chemist Warehouse, which agreed earlier this year to reduce production of paper receipts and use the technology.

Sydney-based technology company Slyp has developed a smart receipt system.

Co-founder and CEO Paul Weingrath said the experience was seamless for customers who paid for their items as usual and their digital item receipt would be issued within seconds.

While NAB was the first bank involved in the roll out, he said other major banks would follow and use the technology in future.

Mr. Wengrath, who has worked in the tech sector for most of his career, said he had the idea after purchasing the item at a hardware store with a smart watch and the worker recommended that he take a photo of the paper receipt as it Has faded after six months.

“The last part of the transaction was left behind while everything else went digital,” he said.

“I looked at (environmental elements) and there is a lot of waste… 93 percent of receipts are printed on thermal paper and are non-recyclable so that’s a big problem.”

Mr Weingrath said Sleep had bank-grade security and reassured customers that their personal information was secure.

Chemist Warehouse uses approximately 15,000 rolls per month in all stores nationwide and expects to save at least $200,000 per year by reducing its production of paper receipts in stores.

While environmental impact was an important factor, Mark Finocchiaro, the company’s managing partner and director, said customers will appreciate the convenience of sleep technology as well.

“We expect our customers to appreciate paperless digital receipts for our environment and how convenient the digital ecosystem can be,” he said.

“The partnership will not only mean that we are printing fewer paper receipts, but we will be able to offer our broader customer base a higher level of convenience that will positively impact their overall shopping experience.”

Peter Shepard typically used 2.3km of paper per month in his three physical stores and one online store.

Chief executive Chris Shepard said the pandemic accelerated the company’s long-standing plans to digitize and streamline back-end processes.

“Our customers generally support any move that combines a softening of our footprint on the earth and a more efficient and enjoyable shopping experience,” he said.

“They are being given the option to receive their receipt directly in their bank app, or via SMS, email or paper, although we are seeing a drastic shift towards digital options.”


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