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CNN Fires Chris Cuomo Over Role in Andrew Cuomo’s Scandal

As the friendly and sometimes belligerent host of CNN’s 9 o’clock hour, Cuomo was at the peak of a broadcast journalism career he had built outside of his famous political family. But it was the troubles of his brother, who resigned as governor in August, that eventually embroiled Cuomo in a dispute that led to his dismissal.

“This is not how I want to end my time at CNN, but I’ve already told you why and how I helped my brother,” Chris Cuomo said in a statement Saturday. “So now I want to say that it’s disappointing, I couldn’t be more proud of the work Cuomo has done on the team in prime time and as CNN’s #1 show in the most competitive time slot.”

Until last month, Mr Cuomo had the backing of CNN President Jeff Zucker, and faced no discipline with Andrew Cuomo’s political allies for strategizing that violated basic journalism norms.

But documents released on November 29 revealed that the anchor advised on Andrew Cuomo’s public statements and attempted to uncover the status of pending articles on other news outlets, including The New Yorker and Politico, relating to harassment allegations against his brother. .

Mr Zucker – who was determined to support Chris Cuomo, saying at one time that the anchor was “human” and facing “very unique circumstances” – informed the anchor on Saturday that he would be fired. Used to be. “It goes without saying that these decisions are not easy, and there are a lot of complicating factors involved,” Zucker wrote in a memo to CNN employees.

The spectacle of a high-profile anchor advising his powerful politician brother amid the scandal was a long-standing headache for many CNN journalists, who privately expressed discomfort over actions that, in their view, dented the network’s credibility. Used to compromise. CNN anchor Jake Tapper made his concerns public in May, Telling The New York Times That his colleague “put us in a bad position,” adding, “I can’t imagine a world in which anyone in journalism would think it was fair.”

Still, the timing of Mr Cuomo’s shooting at 5 p.m. on Saturday shocked many members of the CNN newsroom.

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