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Clearview AI fined $22.6 million by U.K. privacy commissioner.

Britain’s independent data privacy authority fined a facial recognition company on Monday Clearview AI £17 million, or $22.6 million, for failing to comply with the country’s data protection laws.

The Information Commissioner’s Office said it fined Clearview AI for failing to inform British residents that it was collecting billions of photos from sites including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to build its facial recognition software. The ICO ordered the company to stop processing personal data of people in the UK and delete their existing information.

According to the ICO, Clearview AI may face fines and data breach allegations, which it said will take a final decision on penalties by mid-2222. The ICO stated that Clearview was used by various British agencies. Buzzfeed News Previously reported on leaked data that listed various British government agencies and police departments as running searches with facial recognition software.

“I am deeply concerned that personal data was processed in a way that no one in the UK would have expected,” UK Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham said in a statement.

Clearview AI said in a statement that the ICO’s claims were false and that the company was considering an appeal. Clearview only “provides publicly available information from the Internet to law enforcement agencies,” company attorney Kelly Hegdorn said in the statement.

Hon Ton-That, CEO of Clearview AI, said: “My company and I act in the best interest of the UK and its people by assisting law enforcement in solving heinous crimes against children, seniors and other victims of dishonest acts. Is.” separate statement.

According to the company, Clearview AI has had to pay a fine for the first time. If it remains unchanged, Clearview AI fined nearly 60 percent of the $38 million in funding it raised from investors. In July, the company raised $30 million,

Earlier this year, a Swedish regulator The country’s police authority fined 250,000 euros For the use of Clearview, citing data privacy violations.

This month, an Australian regulator also said the company violated local privacy laws. Australian Office of the Commissioner Clearview AI ordered to stop collecting data To destroy data previously collected on its residents and in the country. Canada too Clearview AI declared illegal in February.

Recent Clearview AI high rank On federal testing of facial recognition software.

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