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Christian Porter’s Facebook resignation deserves no sympathy

A politician says the self-pitying Facebook post announcing Christian Porter’s resignation does not deserve sympathy from Australians.

The self-pitying Facebook post announcing Christian Porter’s resignation from politics has been slammed by shadow treasurer Jim Chalmers, who says Mr Porter does not deserve sympathy from the Australian public.

Mr Porter announced on Wednesday that he would step down from parliament at the next election.

The former attorney-general issued a parting shot about having “no limits” on what people will say about politicians.

“This week … I decided that I will not be re-election to Pearce’s seat in the next federal election,” Mr. Porter wrote.

“Modern politics has few, if any, constants left.

“Perhaps the only certainty now is that there is no limit to what some will say or accuse or do in order to gain an advantage over an alleged enemy.

“It makes rigor more difficult than ever with the privilege of representing people.”

But when asked about the Facebook post on Thursday, Dr Chalmers took a jibe at Mr Porter’s treatment of politicians.

“I don’t think there would be much sympathy for that approach, to be frank about it,” Dr Chalmers told Radio National.

“Clearly, we need to make politics more meaningful and a better place for people to work, something that people aspire to work in.

“But I’m not sure there would be much sympathy for Christian Porter and his Facebook posts.

Mr Porter came under criticism in March 2021, when he revealed that he was a government minister after being accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl in 1988.

The woman accused of rape died by suicide in 2020, and her statement was sent anonymously to the prime minister and several other lawmakers in February 2021.

Mr Porter confirmed that he met the woman in Sydney when he was 17, but denied any sexual contact with her.

He took a break from his role as attorney-general, insisting that his mental health had been destroyed through a “trial by the media” over the scandal.

Mr Porter’s character was put into question again in September 2021 when it was revealed that an anonymous donor was paying his legal fees in a defamation case against ABC.

Despite calls to release the names of donors, Mr Porter claimed he did not have access to information about the conduct and funding of the blind trust.

Instead of disclosing the details, he opted to resign from the ministry and went to the backbench.

Despite his harsh departure from federal politics, Mr Porter insists he has no regrets about his career.

“I feel that not a single moment of the last 14 years was wasted and I am grateful for the opportunity and friendship provided by my parliamentary colleagues,” he wrote.

“Even though I have experienced the harshest of modern politics, I have no regrets.”

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