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Career checklist: recruiters reveal what workers should be doing over the holidays

Four career experts share what active workers should be doing right now to make the most of summer vacation.

“The Christmas period is a perfect time to review your career and make sure you’re comfortable with the reality of your current situation,” says Morris.

“Look at your career goals—or create actionable career goals if you haven’t already—and make a list of what you need to accomplish to take the next step in your career.”

Rosser recommends setting aside a day for personal strategic planning.

“Review past achievements, generate your personal vision, mission, and values, and identify your goals for the year and take steps to realize them,” she says.

“(This) must also include updating your social media profile, CV and other representations of you at work.”

2 upskill

If you’re looking to give yourself a head start over the next year, Sullivan says the vacation period can be a great time to upskill.

“Especially if you find that you don’t usually have time to do this during the year,” he says.

Nicholson agrees, adding that it doesn’t need to be a formal qualification.

“You can take a short course to learn a new skill or start some online program to enhance or refresh your current skill,” she says.

3 Organize your personal life

The line between personal and professional time has never been so blurry, so keeping one under control will undoubtedly help the other.

“You can organize yourself at home, which will help balance your work and home commitments,” says Nicholson.

Rosser recommends decluttering your online and physical workspace by sorting files, email, desk, and drawers.

4 Make your network work

Morris advises that now may be a good time to join a professional association, find some networking opportunities, or refresh your online professional profile — such as on LinkedIn.

5 Update Your Resume

“If you intend to look for a new job in the new year, use this time to review and update your resume,” Morris says.

“Make sure you quantify your past achievements because employers today want proof that you achieve success in your current job.”

6 Chill Out

According to Sullivan, you don’t need to fill up every hour for your breaks to be useful.

“For many people, 2021 has been an eventful year, so it is important to take some time out to spend with family, friends, and do the things you love so that you can enter 2022 feeling refreshed,” he says .

Rosser recommends using the brakes to decompress.

“Take a break from work to get some sleep and work on your physical, mental and emotional health,” she says.

originally published Recruiters Reveal 6 Things Smart Workers and Job Seekers Do During Christmas

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