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Billions of Windows users warned of Log4Shell hack

A critical software vulnerability has been detected that allows hackers to enter computer systems without a password.

Cyber ​​experts are scrambling to fix what has been described as one of the worst PC hacks in history.

Dangerous security vulnerability is called log4shell And criminals are known to take advantage of this.

Log4Shell attack allows hackers to enter computer systems without a password, Sun Report.

Security experts have seen it in action in the popular Microsoft game Minecraft.

It is believed that it can be used to attack individuals, large companies and even governments.

A few lines of text in a chat between two computers is said to be enough to allow hackers to enter your PC.

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Hackers can execute code on your computer to steal data or install malware.

However, a lot of reports suggest that large companies are most at risk from Log4Shell.

Companies like Apple and Amazon may also be using servers that criminals can take advantage of with this hack.

Fortunately, a patch is thought to be possible and a lot of coders are working on it.

Each separate Internet company would need to have its own servers and systems to protect against such a widespread problem.

Cyber ​​expert Adam Meyers said: “The internet is on fire right now.

“People are scrambling to patch and all kinds of people are scrambling to take advantage of it.”

Meyers is senior vice president at CrowdStrike, the company that is monitoring the hack.

They believe the researchers “armed up” it just 12 hours after the hackers hacked this PC.

The hack problem is said to be a global problem, with New Zealand’s computer emergency response team seeing criminals exploiting it.

how to stay safe

The best thing that you can do right now is to make sure that you have updated the security software on your devices.

At the moment it is not clear how the attack might affect the general public as the focus is still on large companies.

A software update has been provided for Minecraft after the Log4Shell hack was used on a player in the game.

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