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Billionaire divorce: Lady Hiroko Barclay asks judge to send Sir Frederick to jail

One of Britain’s biggest – and ugliest – divorces is underway in court, with the ex-wife of a wealthy businessman accusing him of failing to make payments.

A UK socialite has accused her ex-husband of failing to pay her a staggering $93 million as one of the biggest divorces in British history takes a bitter turn.

The drama began in May of this year, when a court ordered media mogul Sir Frederick Barkley to pay a total of £100 million ($A187 million) to his former Lady Hiroko Barkley, half of which was given within three months. .

The second half is to be paid in 2022.

But this week, Lady Barkley is back in court, asking a judge to send her to prison, alleging that he failed to pay and produce certain documents, arguing that he lost his 34-year marriage. Following the failure of the court orders were violated.

Lady Barkley, who is aged 70, filed an application asking her to be held in contempt of court, meaning she could end up with a fine, having her property frozen – or barring her. Spending time behind

The final hearing will be next year, and accordingly IndependentCharles Howard QC, Sir Frederick’s lawyer, stated that Lady Barclay would have to prove that she had the “means to meet” the payment and had “willfully refusing or neglecting” to do so.

Back in May, Judge Jonathan Cohen described Sir Frederick’s behavior during the legal battle as “reprehensible”, Guardian The report claimed that the 87-year-old sold a yacht in violation of court orders and “applied equity for his own use”.

However, this is far from the first time Sir Frederick alone – who owns the UK daily Telegraph and – who founded a diverse business empire with the late twin brother David – is embroiled in legal dramas.

Earlier this year, he settled a lawsuit with his nephews after he sensationally accused them of sabotaging hundreds of their conversations at the Ritz Hotel, which was previously owned by the family.

The matter was settled in June and Sir Frederick withdrew the High Court case, saying in a statement that: “We are delighted that as a family we can get past this difficult period and are now together.” Looking forward to your future.

“In these difficult times, unity within families is more important than ever. We are grateful to everyone who has helped us resolve this issue.”

But despite the family rift, Sir Frederick paid tribute to his twin brother, telling Forbes after his death that: “We were twins from beginning to end. He was my right hand to my left and I was his left hand to his right.” Yes. We’ll see you again.”

It comes after years of feuds that threatened to tear the notorious secret clan apart.

Last year, Forbes estimated the net worth of Frederick and David Barkley at US4 billion ($A5.6 billion).

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