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Best TikTok: 5 Aussie videos that blew up in 2021

From botched wax jobs to cheeky parrots: Here are five Australian TikTok videos that people just can’t get enough of in 2021.

It’s about that time of year when our brains start to shut down and we just want to watch the cute annual wraps and even cute videos. Well buckle up because we have the top five TikTok videos that Australia went viral in 2021.

Lee Hunter, General Manager, TikTok Australia and New Zealand, said, “It is amazing to see people supporting each other, spreading joy, sharing their talents and passions and above all, celebrating our Australian-ness in all its forms. ” ,

They’re surprisingly quite diverse, so I guess I was the only one dealing with the lockdown of my existence eating unsuspecting food ingredients I was never going to cook.

1. Winnie the Cattle Dog

I can’t blame the millions who enjoyed watching this adorable, clumsy dog ​​come to life.

2. Wax a Failed Nostril

I honestly have no words for the people who signed on to see this fail nose wax situation — ruined manicures and all. I am happy that I am not on this side of Tiktok.

3. A Cleaner PlayStation

I’ll admit I started this video on a high level, not because I have a PS4, but because the clean freak within me enjoys #CleanTok. But then I kept watching. It is honestly not clear if they are still together.

4. A Nice Dance

I enjoy dancing one TikTok as much as the next, and I love that it makes dancing accessible to me and my lean limbs as well.

5. A cheeky bird

This parrot is honestly the star of TikTok in my opinion. He is a frequent pick-me-up on my FYPage. Though, I’ll be honest, I prefer sass in this this video, when his master dares to speak over him.


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