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Australians choose science over misinformation, according to new Roy Morgan survey

A new survey on what Australians think of social media research compared to official information has revealed surprising results.

While it may seem like many of us are happy to seek health advice from social media, new research shows that Australians are highly supportive of quality medical information.

With the wider impact of the pandemic still lingering, a survey by Roy Morgan shows Australians rate medical research as a government funding priority above climate change, the economy, defense and national infrastructure projects.

According to the study, 83.5 percent of Australians considered increasing funding for health and medical research a top priority – the highest figure since 2010. This was outpaced by spending only on improving hospitals and the health care system (89.4 percent) and improving education. Standards and Results (84.8 percent).

Peak health and medical research body Research Australia, which commissioned the survey, was quite pleased with the results.

Chief executive Nadia Levine said the pandemic has made more Australians appreciate the important role medical research plays.

“Thanks to vaccines created through unprecedented international collaboration between researchers, hope is now in sight,” she said.

“But we would not be at this stage without the expertise and hard work of the health and medical research community, and the financial support to enable this massive response.”

Nearly 40 percent of Australians said they consider funding health and medical research more important than it was before the pandemic.

While vaccination has become a moot point for a small segment of the population, the study showed that more than 90 percent of respondents were in favor of vaccination, and at least for participating in several clinical trials. were open to

Ms Levine pointed out that it was important to sustain significant medical research in other areas beyond the pandemic as well – and survey respondents agreed.

More than half (55.7 percent) strongly agreed that basic scientific research that pushes the boundaries of knowledge should be supported by the federal government, even if there is no immediate benefit from it. Another 40.4 percent agreed to a degree.

He also flagged the challenges facing universities in securing limited funding, especially in the wake of billions of dollars in losses as a result of low international student numbers.

“Australians are telling us that health and medical research remains a priority for our decision makers, and they are absolutely right,” Ms Levine said.

“Health and medical research should be viewed and regarded as having significant national potential – not only to ensure our health and quality of life, but as a key driver of our economy.”


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