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Australia to acquire Black Hawk, Seahawk helicopters at cost of $7 billion

Peter Dutton has confirmed Australia’s $7 billion defense acquisition, saying regional “instability” was a major motivator behind the move.

Defense Minister Peter Dutton has confirmed that Australia will acquire 40 new US-imported Black Hawks and 12 Seahawk helicopters, a decade before existing Airbus MRH-90 Taipan models were scheduled to be retired.

The European-built Taipan model has repeatedly reported defects, including nine instances where it was not able to fly. Despite months-long efforts to resolve the issues with Airbus, the malfunction could not be fixed.

Confirming the news on Friday morning, Mr Dutton indicated that regional “instability” was a motivator behind the government’s $7 billion move.

“The Taipan has been a concern over the past decade, with nine instances where it has been unfit to fly,” Dutton said.

“I’m not going to put my guys in that position – we want the best equipment for them, and Black Hawk is clearly going to provide that result.

“Reaching 40 of them, I think, will send a very clear message to our partners and our opponents that the Australian Defense Force is serious about defending Australia and ensuring that we are an important can contribute. ,

Mr Dutton also expressed hope that the trade will continue to strengthen ties between Australia and the US.

“For interoperability with the US and Australia that is increasingly important to us given the instability in our region, Black Hawk made perfect sense,” he said.

Although no country was named, Mr Dutton’s recent comments on Australia’s ties with China have sparked a flurry of remarks. China’s Foreign Affairs Zhao Lijian,

Mr Zhao said Mr Dutton was “motivated by a selfish political game” and advised him to stop his “cold war mentality” when it came to relations between Australia and China.

“As a senior official in the Australian government, (Mr Dutton) is plagued by a Cold War mentality and ideological biases,” Mr Zhao said.

He has repeatedly made provocative, sensational and shocking statements on issues related to China.

Mr Dutton later hit back at these claims, calling them “Communist Party propaganda”.

“At this time there is no other ambassador to threaten government ministers or criticize Australian government policy,” he said during an appearance on Sky News.

Prior to news that the ADF would replace the Taipan Fleet, the Australian Army reported spending more than $37 million renting civilian helicopters in Townsville due to operating faults.

In June of this year, the entire fleet of MRH-90 Taipans was also grounded as a safety precaution, as a problem arose regarding “the application of the helicopter’s maintenance policy to the helicopter’s IT support system”, as described in was reported. australian defense,

While they have been used by the Australian military since 2007, a similar incident occurred in 2019. The precautionary landing was required after a tail rotor vibration was detected, forcing the entire fleet to land.

This round of defense spending comes after the government scrapped the $90 billion Future Submarine program New ‘aucus’ deal with US and UK,

Speaking to reporters at the G20 summit in Rome, French President Emmanuel Macron called Mr Morrison a liar.

“I have great respect and great friendship for the (Australian) people,” he said.

“I just say that when we have respect, you have to be truthful and you have to be consistent and consistent with this value.”

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