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ABS reveal migration data, fastest growing state and more

Newly released data from the ABS showed which states Australia turned to over the past year – and where people poked their noses.

newly released data from Australian Bureau of Statistics has revealed which states Australia turned to – and where people fled – over the past year.

Victoria lost an incredible 44,700 people at a rate of 122 packing shop and dropouts every day. The migration marked a 0.7 year-on-year population decline.

This comes after Victoria’s population grew.

Queensland, on the other hand, saw the biggest increase with 45,900 new residents, with an overall increase of 0.9 percent.

“Australia’s population has grown 0.2 percent (34,300 people) to 25.7 million, with an annual increase of 46,000 people,” said Bidar Cho, ABS’s director of demographics.

Nationally, population growth over the past 12 months was “entirely due to natural growth” (adding 134,800 people), while net foreign migration during this period was negative (-88,800).

This continues the recent shift from a long-term trend of net foreign migration driving the majority of Australia’s population growth.

With more than 12 months of COVID-19 international travel restrictions in place, net foreign migration was reduced by 281,500 people compared to the previous year. Arrivals decreased more rapidly (-71%) than departures (-25%) during this period.

Net overseas migration (-88,800) included 145,800 overseas migrant arrivals and 234,600 departures.

There were 298,000 births and 163,200 deaths during this period. The resulting natural increase was .05 per cent lower than the previous year, mainly driven by declining births.

This data marks the 50th year that the Australian Bureau of Statistics has estimated the country’s population.

In that time, Australia has seen the national population nearly double from 13.1 million in June 1971 to 25.7 million in June 2021.

The reopening of international borders has revived concerns over migration with a new poll revealing 58 percent of voters will see it restarting at lower levels than before the pandemic.

Ken Morrison, CEO of the Property Council of Australia, says population growth underpins the property industry.

Mr Morrison told Sky News Australia: “The homebuilders and other stimulus measures were designed to create a bridge to get us on the other side, and getting back to normal levels of population growth on the other side was a very important industry. ” ,

He added that more than 1.4 million people nationwide work in the property industry which is “more than mining and manufacturing combined”.

“So we certainly want to see this very important industry be able to continue, and that means getting back to normal because the incentives and pull-forwards that have come through homebuilders can’t last forever. is,” he said.

“It’s been quite a success but we need that bridge to the other side.”

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