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Abrar Fahad murder: Killers sentenced to death by hanging

A uni student’s post went viral and he was called to the campus to explain. What happened next was horrifying. warning GRAPHIC

Abrar Fahad, 21, did what he should have been free to do without any repercussions.

The university student took to social media to criticize the government in a Facebook post that went viral and cost him his life.

The Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology student wrote in 2019 that his government had made a mistake in signing an agreement that allowed India to draw water from a river that borders the two countries.

His opinion about Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina went viral and attracted the attention of fellow students, who did not like it.

Twenty-five students, who were also members of the ruling Awami League’s student wing, known as the Bangladesh Students’ League, called Fahd to the campus to explain themselves.

What happened next is horrifying.

For six hours, Fahad was thrashed with a cricket bat and other blunt objects, after which his body was dropped from the stairs of the university hostel.

The brutal murder was captured in the CCTV footage. It showed Fahad being taken through a corridor of the compound to a room where he would be interrogated and eventually killed.

20 students sentenced to death

On Wednesday, Bangladesh sentenced 20 university students to death who took part in the murder.

“I am happy with the verdict,” Fahad’s father Barkat Ullah told reporters outside the court after the sentence.

“I hope the punishment is given soon.”

The remaining five criminals were sentenced to life imprisonment.

The death penalty is common in Bangladesh and hundreds of people are sentenced to death. All executions are by hanging – a legacy of the British colonial era.

In August, a court sentenced six Islamist extremists to death for the murders of two gay rights activists.

Sixteen people were sentenced to death in 2019 for burning alive a 19-year-old girl student who accused her madrasa headmaster of sexual assault.

All those sentenced to death on Wednesday for Fahd’s murder were between the ages of 20 and 22 at the time of the murder and had attended Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology.

Three defendants are still absconding while the rest are in the courtroom. Farooq Ahmed, counsel for some of the defendants, said that an appeal would be made against the sentence.

‘It’s not fair,’ claims killer’s lawyer

“I am very disappointed with the decision. It is not fair,” he told AFP.

“They are young and some of the best students in the country. Despite not having proper evidence against some of them, they were sentenced to death.”

Protests in the days following Fahd’s killing demanded the harshest punishment for the attackers and a ban on the Bangladesh Students’ League.

Hasina soon vowed that the killers would get the “highest punishment”.

The country’s Justice Minister Anisul Haque said the verdict showed that “no one will be able to walk freely after committing such crimes”.

A prominent student group, the Chhatra Odhikhar Parishad, demonstrated to praise the verdict and demand the speedy implementation of the death penalty.

“The verdict is a victory of the people,” said Akram Hussain, the group’s general secretary.

BCL has earned notoriety in recent years after some of its members were accused of murder, violence and extortion.

In 2018, its members allegedly used violence to suppress a major anti-government student protest.

Those rallies were set on fire out of anger over road safety after a student was killed after being hit by a speeding bus.

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