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2022 Nissan Navata Pro-4X Warrior revealed

The Japanese brand’s latest tough dual-cab ute has been attributed to the Australian outfit making the increasingly V8 Falcons.

There is no such thing as a ute that is too tough. Keeping this in mind, Nissan has released a bold and powerful version of its popular Warrior 4WD.

The premise remains the same: take the top-of-the-range dual-cab 4WD in the Navara line-up and incorporate some Australian know-how to enhance your credentials in the carpark, suburbs and bush.

Nissan says the new Warrior is “locally developed … to handle Australia’s toughest terrain”.

The local development program is once again led by Premkar, a Melbourne-based engineering firm known for making the Falcon V8 faster.

Warrior begins life as Pro-4X, the new hero in the Navara line-up. It gets all the features of that model, including partial leather, dual-zone ventilation, a powered driver seat and tire pressure sensor, along with some styling extras like warrior embroidery in the headrests. The 360-degree camera is handy, the low-resolution image on the 8.0-inch display is underwhelming.

In line with Navara’s updates are more safety equipment, including camera-based autonomous emergency braking and blind-spot warning.

The updated Navara’s bluff grille reinforces the warrior’s chest-beating personality. There’s also a new winch-compatible steel front bullbar with integrated LED lights (for the awesome high beam). A red bash plate at the bottom provides protection and bling, some reinforced by red springs.

Chunky 17-inch Cooper Discover all-terrain tires are back for duty (including spare) and the springs and dampers have been revised.

The new wheel arch flares feature rubber, which makes it sit prouder than the regular Navara due to the wider track. Like all of Warrior’s mods, the Flares have a five-year warranty backup, something you won’t necessarily get from aftermarket suppliers.

The chunkier tires increase the ground clearance by 40 mm, in turn improving the approach angle thereby reducing the chances of scuffs.

The load capacity has also increased to 952kg (for the auto versions) courtesy of the 100kg overall load update. The Navara still has the best load tie-down point in its trays and can carry up to 3.5 tonnes.

The suspension translates to more sure-footed responses through turning. For a big ute that can lift heavy things, there’s good control, although off-road focused tires can be slippery when wet. The fuzzy steering requires a good input for the desired result.

The suspension is a bit stiff even at low speeds, where the Warrior trembles over small, sharp bumps. Around town, it’s a reminder that the focus is on control over comfort.

At speed, or with more load on the board, it steps up to the challenge. The pit becomes a wave instead of a shock. The rare-for-its coil spring rear suspension deals wonderfully with many hits.

It gets even better on gravel, with above-average grip that boosts the driver’s confidence on rough roads. The suspension can be tiring in the city, but there’s no need to back down from bumps in tough conditions.

The extra clearance and control in the suspension gives you the confidence to thunder over washouts or rocks. It not only copes better with the initial bump but also settles more efficiently. The steel front bumper is well protected from hits on more challenging terrain and the underbody protection is an assured last line of defence.

As with many utes, the standard tow bar is the first thing to scrape at the rear, requiring finesse at drop-off.

The 2.3-litre twin-turbo four-cylinder diesel is unchanged and does an acceptable job mustering torque to keep things motoring comfortably but efficiently. There’s 450Nm to play with and it can always be accessed easily, with the seven-speed auto shifting between ratios with ease.

Perhaps the Warrior’s greatest appeal is its price. The roughly $73,990 drive-away for the manual (another $2500 for the auto) costs much less than the Ford Ranger Raptor.

And what it lacks in the fine detail it delivers with rugged tough truck capability backed by local engineering nobility.

Verdict 3.5/5

Tough truck looks with added capacity, Warrior prefers rough terrains.

Importance of Nissan Navara Pro-4X Warrior

cost: About $76,500 plus on-roads

Warranty / Servicing: 5 years/unlimited km, $2847/100,000 km for 5 years

the protection: Seven airbags, blind-spot and lane-keep assist, auto emergency braking, rear cross-traffic alert

Device: 2.3-litre twin-turbo four-cylinder, 140kW/450Nm

Thirst: 8.1L/100km

Excessive: full size

Payload/Tow Capacity: 952kg/3500kg (Auto)


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